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Vox Power Solutions

Stay connected during Load-shedding

Fear not, because we offer two affordable UPS models designed specifically for the consumer market – these will allow you to stay connected when the power goes down, and never let productivity come to a halt.


Enjoy up to 6 hours uptime


Power Multiple Devices


Use on-the-go

Key Features

Our UPS solutions are your perfection companion to keep your routers, Wi-Fi, mobile devices and so much more powered when load-shedding strikes.


Up to 6 hours up-time

The UPS device charges while you have power and switches over to battery power during load shedding.


Small & Compact

No need to worry about bulky gadgets. The UPS is small and compact and will fit neatly into your home or office.


Easy to Install

UPS devices are plug and play and can be installed by anyone, so there is no need for a professional technician to help you out.


Customer Support

We have a national footprint and a 24/7 service desk. Should you encounter any issues, you can call for assistance.


Replacement Guarantee

If your device breaks or needs maintenance, we’ll take care of it all.


Flexible Payments

You just pay us monthly, making it affordable and accessible for everyone.

Choose Your Package


  • Also known as the Volta 40
  • Powers up to 3 Devices
  • 36W / 29.6Wh Output
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • 4 hours uptime
    (*Dependent on the number of devices connected)

The Volta 40 can power:


Smart Phone

Wi-Fi Router

TV 40" LED 80W

Starting from

R79 PM

*T&C's apply

Sold Out - New Stock Arriving Soon

Home Office UPS

  • Also known as the Volta 700X
  • Powers up to 12 Devices
  • 700W / 537Wh Output
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • 6 hours uptime
    (*Dependent on the number of devices connected)
  • Water resistant and Outdoor friendly

The Volta 700X can power:



Smart Phone

Wi-Fi Router

TV 40" LED 80W

Bluetooth Speaker

Starting from

R299 PM

*T&C's apply


Free delivery included – no need to pay for additional delivery charges, the delivery is on us!

VAT Inclusive – All prices are VAT inclusive.

How It Works

Still Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Three adapters are supplied for most Fibre ONT and routers.

Our Fibre UPS provides power to your Fibre or LTE router, ensuring connectivity stays on when your power goes out.

Our Home Office UPS is capable of keeping up to five devices on simultaneously – including your laptop, monitor, printer and mobile phone. It features lithium ion batteries for maximum uptime and a pure sine wave inverter to protect your devices from power surges.

No, both UPS models are plug and play and can be easily installed at home.

No, the UPS only powers most Fibre ONT and routers.

No, as most FTTB routers don’t have a 12V input and output port.

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Amount of People or Devices

How many people and devices will you connect?

Streaming Videos

What quality do you want to stream videos at (Netflix, YouTube, etc)?

Online Gaming

What types of games do you plan on playing?

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Online activity

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What we recommend and what you get

  • Free Installation

    Save up to R2000*

  • Free Activation

    Save up to R1000*

  • Free Router

    Wi-Fi Router included

  • Uncapped Data

    No FUP - No Fair Use policies apply

25 Mbps

25 Mbps download

25 Mbps upload

Starting from

R857 PM

T's and C's apply